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Ladies welcome from day one

When Old Fold was founded in 1910 it was both rare and forward-looking because — in a dominantly male world — it had a Ladies’ Section straight away; with 50 members. And women are as welcome now as they were then — especially juniors, as we continue to look to the future.

Today, as always, the Ladies’ section has players of all abilities so, you will be equally welcome even if you are a complete beginner.

If you are already experienced in the game, and you like a challenge, you’ll find plenty of competitions to enter throughout the season — both medal-play and Stableford. Plus, there are knock-out competitions for individuals and pairs — both Ladies only and mixed.

The Ladies’ Scratch Team plays in the Hertfordshire League. The Ladies also compete for the famous Pearson Trophy — and we have several other teams that represent the club in friendly matches.

Ladies are welcome to play at any time, subject to membership criteria. Tuesday morning is specifically reserved for Ladies' play.


Old golfers never die. They don’t even fade away. The just join the TOFFS at Old Fold and keep on competing — well into their retirement years.

TOFFS is short for The Old Fold Fellowship of Seniors. It’s open to all male members over the age of 55, and it offers a marvellous opportunity for you to extend your competitive life by playing more than 30 matches, home and away, against many other clubs.

And the standard of performance remains high; our Senior Scratch Team has won the Hertfordshire League twice in recent years.

Our Seniors meet as a section twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to play in the Old Fold Roll up. The Roll Up is open to all members of the club irrespective of age or handicap and is a great way to get to meet other members.

They also have a calendar of club competitions and matches.

But the fundamental reason for the section is that word ‘fellowship’; our seniors are dedicated to friendship and camaraderie.

Juniors have a ball

“I used to wake up every morning in the school holidays just looking forward to playing golf all day with my friends. You could always find a game, and you always had a laugh.”

Those are the words of a former junior member of Old Fold, and they are as true now as they were when he was a child.

That’s one of the great things about a golf club — it’s a safe haven where boys and girls can make new friends and have loads of innocent fun with them all day — and it’s certainly true of Old Fold.

Most importantly, our juniors are looked after and encouraged by dedicated Junior Golf Leaders. They have full use of the course and all the practice facilities. Our Head Professional and his team provide expert coaching to build the swings of future champions (many former juniors have gone on to win Club and County championships).

Old Fold promotes all local Junior Open golf tournaments, and we encourage all our eligible juniors to play in them.


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